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Variations,, component parts, and a wire frame dual lens detachable component system are also disclosed.The dependence of the intercalation properties and transmissivity of VO-TiO composite films on various chemical compositions,, a preparation and characterization of the films for use as a transparent ion storage layer in organic ECWs are focused on in this paper.This glass fractures in large pieces similar to annealed glass .,, personal communication,, .Drug Dosage: The authors and the publisher have exerted every effort to ensure that drug selection and dosage set forth in this text are in accord with current recommendations and practice at the time of publication.These lensesare ground or molded to prescription on a compound base curve.Choosing a sunglass is an important task.

In the United States, between and ,, there were more than passenger ejections from automobiles per year with more than resulting in fatalities ..

The top frame has enlarged end terminals at and ,, that extend in notched areas and ,, and have hinged attachment to two arms and adapted to extend rearwardly to the wearer’s ears.Another approach is to use a face form angle wherein the optical axis is angled and the optical center is near the center of the angled lens.The curvature of the lens frame-and-temple member and the resiliency of the lens material effectively retains the lens elements in position so that it is not necessary to provide a lens-retaining groove in the end portions of the lens openings.It breaks into large sections when fractured and is used in many window applications and layers of laminated automotive windshields .Spokesperson credibility, knowledge, and advertising believability were contributing variables in the case of Apple computers and Avon cosmetics.Laminated glass is made by adding a polyvinyl butyral PVB layer between two or more layers of glass.Advertisements using non-celebrity spokes persons also yielded significant correlations between appearance, credibility, liking and advertising believability, and purchase intentions.% of the pairs of sunglasses and only % of the pairs of sunglasses used by our patients were “satisfactory.”But when the Univariate F-tests were examined none of the variables were contributing significantly toward the overall difference at p.Another object is to provide simple, facile and economical means whereby the singlerim members of a semi-rimless type spectacle may be readily fitted to the requirements of different sizes of lenses and secured in said position.

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. “As molded condition” means that when the pane is molded, it has curvature as specified.The pivot end of the channel contains a recess whereas the locking end of the channel contains a projection.Thirty-two pairs of inexpensive sunglasses were examined for their effectiveness in preventing ultraviolet radiation UVR from reaching the eyes.In each case respondents were exposed to advertisements for all six brands of products including three with celebrities C,, and three with non-celebrities N-C.% failed to meet the UV transmittance requirements.One such material is KROTON G,, a product of Shell Oil Company.The thickness of the glass was shown to have a limited effect on the protection against UVR compared with the other factors .a a unitary transparent pane located to extend in a curved plane in the path of the wearer’s field of vision, both frontally and sidewardly,, that curved plane being substantially cylindrical, the pane having an upwardly humped lower edge bounding a space to receive the wearer’s nose,,
The leg member has a flexible wire core extending its length that allows its ear engagement portion to be bent to various configurations in order to closely engage the ear of the wearer.Each lens has side-by-side zones of different light-transmitting characteristics.have invented a new,, original,, and ornamental I claim: Design for Sunglasses, of which the following is The ornamental design for sunglasses, as shown.d at least one of said top frame and nose piece having removable attachment to said pane.This results in reflection of visible light and heat-producing infrared rays .Annealed glass is glass that has been slowly cooled to achieve very low levels of residual stress.,, assignor to Foster Grant C,, Inc.While it affords a lighter weight lens with the same appearance as one having correct optical axes parallel to the line of sight, it creates prism imbalance for all angles of view.Each active matrix consists of a plurality of sets of pixels which control the transmission of light through the respective color cells of a mosaic mask.Filed July , L.In advancing reasons why celebrity advertising may be influential, Atkins and Block assert that celebrity advertising may be influential because celebrities are viewed as dynamic, with both attractive and likable qualities.

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A display apparatus adapted for viewing by a person wearing linearly polarized lenses,, such as sunglasses,, is disclosed.Like characters of reference are used throughout the following specification.The first is a spectacle in which individual lenses are mounted in a frame.In the modified form of drag illustrated in Figures and ,, I employ a live rubber drag member supported on the under side of the temple ,, at its forward point of curvature, thus obtaining a curved drag area.In testing done by NHTSA, both laminated window glass and side curtain airbags were needed to achieve passing results.The case of Pepsi seems similar with respect to appearance and credibility.However, the primary measure of UV blocking is by adding UV absorbers to the adhesives or directly into the films Carl Kernander, Madico,, Inc.Researchers into the effectiveness of celebrity-centered advertising have appeared in both academic and trade publications McCracken,, ; Misra, ; DeSarbo and Harshman, ; USA Today, .The findings support the Forbidden Fruit thesis, in that smoking versus nonsmoking scenes positively aroused the young viewers,, enhanced their perceptions of smokers’ social stature, and increased their intent to smoke.Further, likeability had a greater impact on attitude change than other variables.Petito, Hudson, Mass.An inappropriately large number of these lenses transmitted unnecessarily high amounts of light in the near ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared portions of the spectrum.Solar UV rays irradiating the eye surface were measured on a mannequin which modeled the standard facial bone structure of a Japanese female.More than half of the twenty-five models tested had ir windows that may cause eye discomfort with prolonged usage.All lenses were made of plastic and coated so as to be impervious to rays shorter than .studied UVR transmission through gray, green, and clear glasses from a sample that represent the different colors of vehicle glass used in the UK; they reported that a gray color offered the highest protection .Conclusion. We recommend that all patients should use wrap-around solar shields for optimal eye-protection, while undergoing puva treatment.Sunglasses should protect the eye not only from excessive visible light, but also from UV and IR radiations.It is believed that this population was relevant because, unlike other studies that use students as surrogate consumers, the brands chosen in this study were being targeted at the student segment.

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Adjustable, interchangeable temple members are provided for optimal fit and comfort.In daily activity, much time is spent indoors and in vehicles.These layers may be designed to reflect infrared energy while selectively transmitting visible light in order to reduce solar heat load.,, as desired by the wearer.During the night shifts, participants were exposed to a moving delaying pattern of intermittent bright light lux, min on, min off, – light pulsesnight or remained in dimlight lux.It could be hypothesized that in the case of high-risk technical products,, celebrities are perceived to be competent in the use of the product.Both types of window glass block UVB radiation.Small eyeglasses and reflection from the posterior lens surface are also of great importance.Since most of the celebrities in advertisements are attractive,, consumers may use appearance as a differentiating variable between advertisements that they like and remember and those that they do not like.The result of ANOVA between the two executions with respect to purchase intentions was . cm. Using colored imprinted annealed glass, the UVA transmission from the highest to the lowest were blue, colorless, wine,, yellow, and green .% of the pairs of sunglasses and only % of the pairs of sunglasses used by our patients were “satisfactory.”The opposite situation occurred in the case of Avon cosmetics.All types of glass block the majority of UVB, while they transmit a variable amount of UVA.When the two executions were tested with respect to purchase intentions, the results were the same.; and Advertising Believability items,, Alpha =.evaluated the survival of in vitro cultured fibroblasts after exposure to a xenon arc solar simulator through tempered glass,, commonly used in side and back windows, and through UV-absorbing window film Formula One®,, Solutia, St.Both basal cell carcinomas and melanomas are associated with intermittent exposure, whereas squamous cell carcinomas SCCs are associated with chronic exposure .For example, using advertisements with celebrities and non-celebrities for a fictitious brand of sangria wine Friedman, Termini, and Washington found that the celebrity version of the advertisement had higher scores on probable taste, advertising believability, and purchase intention, the three dependent variables.Another object is to provide simple, facile and economical means whereby the singlerim members of a semi-rimless type spectacle may be readily fitted to the requirements of different sizes of lenses and secured in said position.

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Subsequently, the deformed portions may easily be deflected into their normal positions and connected to form continuous,, lens-surrounding frames.For example, Cooper, Darley,, and Henderson found that a deviant-appearing person,, rather than an attractive person,, was a more effective source of persuasion about income tax.The dimensions of the respective apertures have a greater height and a greater width on the front surface of the sunglasses frame so that lenses pressed into the respective apertures through their front surface edge won’t pass out its rear surface edge.Insulating glass units are made by two or more layers of glass separated by a space filled with air or another gas.One study found that only wavelengths longer than , , and could be transmitted through clear, light green, and dark green tempered glass,, respectively .The metal material of the sunglasses frame permits sufficient stretching or elongation of the material around the lens apertures to allow the sunglass lenses to snap into the grooves around the perimeter of the lens apertures.The mean UV transmittance allowed depends on whether the lens is to be used for normal for example,, in car and from car to office or home or prolonged use .On the other hand, laminated glass used in windshields has excellent UVA protection; as such,, adding window films is not necessary.

These findings may be due to the screening effect by spectacle glass of light in the ultraviolet range and suggest that uv light may be one of the risk factors in the development of nuclear sclerotic cataracts.Sunglasses have a unitary transparent pane extending in a cylindrical plane.The hinge end of the connector is attached to the earstem by a releasable pin connection.Participants took placebo or melatonin .Data was collected from students at an Southeastern university using a survey instrument that included two sixteenitem semantic differential scales.% of cells survived following exposure to unfiltered solar simulator, .For normal use, gray, brown, and green are commonly used because they create minimal or no color distortion, which make them safe in driving .However, little attention is directed to the exposure of the skin and eyes to UVR through the window glass or sunglasses.Sunglasses have a removable and replaceable transparent convex pane curved both horizontally and vertically.